COVID-19  Guidelines

Preserving the Health & Safety of our Staff and Clients has always been a concern of ours.

Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic Salons, Spas, Fitness Centers and other Personal Care Service establishments have been given strict guidance from both their respective Professional Boards and the Department of Health.

You can find Salon Specific guidelines from the PA State Board of Cosmetology here.

Below you'll find our current COVID-19 Salon Etiquette for Guests as well as our procedures for keeping you safe! 

Thank you for your continued support during this time. 

Salon  Etiquette


If you are experiencing symptoms such as: sore throat, cough, excessive sneezing, or runny nose due to seasonal allergies we kindly ask that you respect our "Good Health to You!" Policy and wear a mask for the duration of your visit. If you are feeling truly unwell, please reschedule your appointment.

Disposable masks will always be available.

2. Additional Guests may join you for your appointment. HOWEVER:

We have been upfront since the beginning that our salon is not “kid friendly” - in that heated appliances and sharp objects could be within reach.

Please, if at all possible, bring only those with you that must be with you for your appointment. 

If those with you are visibly ill, we reserve the right to refuse service and reschedule your appointment.


This should be obvious, but due to past experiences we must mention this again.

We will be strictly upholding our “Good Health To You” policy. Meaning: if you are unwell when you arrive, we will cancel your appointment on the spot and schedule you for a later time when you are feeling better.

We will never add a cancellation to your history if you cancel at the last minute because you are sick!

That has always been our policy. HOWEVER: if you show up knowing you are ill and putting our health and safety at risk, we will add this to your cancellation history.

4. Social Distance Where Possible.

5. Bring only what you Need.

Please no hugging, kissing or shaking hands during this time. We must do our best to social distance by temporarily disengaging from these activities.

While our coat rack is back in action, it's still preferred that you bring only what you need for your appointment.

Our  COVID-19  Procedures

  • We will continue performing a verbal health screening/ confirmation phone call prior to your appointment.

The health screening questionnaire has been simplified and broadened. Upon your confirmation phone call we will be asked:

"In the past 2 weeks have you experienced any symptoms related to COVID-19, the cold or the flu?"

If 'yes', further questions may be asked to determine the safety of you visiting for your appointment.

  • We will continue Thoroughly Cleaning our Stations and Disinfecting our Tools between each Appointment.

We have always cleaned and disinfected our tools to State Board of Cosmetology's standards. However, we want to assure you that our stations are always thoroughly cleaned between each appointment.

  • Gloves will be worn whenever possible.

Gloves have always been worn during Chemical services and waxing services. Now, we will be wearing them during all nail services as well.

  • A thermometer is available for all staff to take their temperature should they suspect a change in health.

If an employee's temperature reads 100.4 or higher, they will be sent home immediately and be asked to contact their Doctor.

  • Hand Sanitizer & Masks will be readily available.

Each Stylist's station will be equipped with Hand Sanitizer. As mentioned previously in our Salon Etiquette, disposable Masks will be available for both Clients and Staff members should they need one. A Hand Sanitizing dispenser is located right inside the door for public use.

  • Exposure Protocol:

-Should an employee begin to show symptoms during the work day, they will be required to leave immediately and their station will be thoroughly disinfected at the end of the night. They will then follow quarantine guidance from their Doctor.

-Should an employee have a family member who is diagnosed with COVID-19, they will follow Doctor's guidance for quarantine procedures before returning to work.


-Should a client be diagnosed with COVID-19 shortly after visiting the salon, we kindly ask that you notify us so we can enact extra measures of self-examination for possible symptoms.